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LAB 31b

our state-of-the-art R&D facility staffed with a team of elite skin scientists, curated by renowned molecular biologist Dr. Elina Tester. our objective? blaze new beauty trails using extraordinary innovation so you can get clinic-level results sans the clinic.



Dr. Elina Tester

Dr. Tester earned her reputation because she gets results. as a cutting-edge skincare inventor and one of the world’s top molecular biologists, she’s proven to be a literal master at creating anti-aging breakthroughs that live up to their promises.

sure, you might not recognize her face, but you’ll recognize the faces of her countless clients around the world. (they’re the ones with that impossibly youthful, incredibly smooth, ageless complexion that looks like it's never seen sun, stress or an overzealous cosmetic surgeon.)

the only frontier left for her to tackle was to create everyday skincare that delivers the kind of transformation you only see with a doctor’s visit — until now.

“What if we could completely innovate the skincare market and offer people elevated high-tech treatments that deliver radically advanced results at home?”

– Dr. Elina Tester



Dr. Tester is not a brand ambassador. 
She’s not a doctor for hire that lends her name to a skincare brand. she doesn’t wake up everyday thinking of ways to sell you products. Dr. Tester is a visionary who has built an entire career inventing truly transformative skincare and treatments for clients who wanted their ultimate anti-aging outcomes. when your mission is delivering radical results and success can literally be written on someone’s face, you only give the world formulas that make a difference you can see. Welcome to LAB 31b.

Not your everyday LAB. 

More than your everyday SKINCARE.